Brat Kandy

What Am I Like? No Other.


Brat Kandy is the girl who bullied you in high school, she is the sister that teased you growing up but most importantly…she is Glasgow’s sweetest addiction. This insatiable Goddess is a selfish, demanding, spoilt little brat with the psychological manipulation you've been searching for. She has no care for rationalising, she knows what she wants and she wants it NOW! She is the brat who will be impertinent just because she can be. She will pout and be completely inconsequential, demand impossible tasks and have alot more than tantrum when they cannot be done. She will be rapturously unfair just to see what you will do, she will poke at you with her toys because it makes her giggle.

Being playful and petulant, firey yet cool. I have that sweet and sour balance we all crave.

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